Mar - Aug 2019
2019 Taipei Film Festival 

TAIPEI Film Festival found in 1998. Supported by Taipei City Government. As an annual film festival based in Taiwan’s capital city - Taipei, it’s the most important film festival supports the creation of Taiwanese films. It holds International New Talent Competition and Taipei Film Awards. Showcasing around 120 films from over 60 countries around the world. Taipei FF has diversity of activities, such as exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and special events.

Filmmaker in Focus: Lee CHATAMETIKOOL
Filmmaker in Focus: Garin NUGROHO

International New Talent Competition
Taipei Film Awards for Narrative Features, Documentaries, Shorts and Animations
Future Lights
Asian Prism
Asian Prism: China 80s
Forward Taiwan - Taiwan Shorts
World Cinema
Classics Revisited
VR Frontline

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2019 TAIPEI Film Festival
06.27 - 07.13 @Taipei, Taiwan

Project Mannger 計劃統籌
Mar - Aug 2019
Series TALK on Film Literacy Education


If the Screen is the E-balckboard

01 When Intellectuals Into Education Frontline
02 Cases of Film Literacy Education
03 Not Only Screening: Film Festival and Institute
04 Filmmakers on the Educational Scene
05 Films in the Classrooms
06 Make Your Own Film Textbook

_High school teachers, film festivals / institutes and filmmakers

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Mar - Aug 2019
with Hide & Seek Audiovisual Art. and Fubon Cultural Foundation 

Programmer 節目統籌
May - Sep 2018
2018TAOYUAN Film Festival

擔任第五屆桃園電影節節目統籌,規劃七大單元,共 64 部電影。

TAOYUAN Film Festival found in 2013. Supported by local government. As an annual film festival based in Taoyuan, it showcase around 60 films from over 20 countries this year with a competition focusing on Taiwan’s film. Taoyuan FF has diversity of activities, such as exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and special events.

Filmmaker In Focus: WEI Te-sheng 魏德聖
Filmmaker In Focus: TAN Chui-mui 陳翠梅
Young Vibes
Future Express
In Memory of TAKAHATA Isao
Uprising! Spirit of '68

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08.17 - 08.26 @Taoyuan, Taiwan

May - Sep 2018
with Green Light Ltd.

Project Manager 計畫主持人
Sep 2017 - Apr 2018

SEA Literature Forum 赤道二三五・東南亞文學論壇


Prabda Yoon  帕達・雲_Thailand   
Carlomar Arcangel Daoana  卡羅瑪・雅康吉・戴歐納_Philippines
Bao Ninh  保寧_Vietnam
Nay Phone Latt  尼朋樂_Myanmar
Norazimah Abu Bakar  諾拉玆瑪阿布巴卡_Malaysia
Ayu Utami  亞悠・塢塔米_Indonesia

Southeast Asian Literature Forum is a literature project starting from 23.5 degrees North latitude where Taiwan is located, and navigates towards the equator. The project includes work translation and direct interaction with Southeast Asian writers in Taiwan through four thematic events – “TALKS”, “READING GROUP”, “WORKSHOP”, and “FORUM”.

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_6 guest writers from different SEA countries
_6 booklets of selected works
_6 talks in bookstores
_reading group
_4 days forum in 3 cities

Sep 2017 - Apr 2018
with Crimson Hall Poetry Society