Ruby  HSIEH I Hsuan  謝以萱
is a curator, researcher and film writer based between Taipei (TW) and Amsterdam (NL). 

MA in Anthropology from National Taiwan University, 2014

Ruby HSIEH I Hsuan manages multiple art and cultural mediation projects. She has more than 5 years work experiences in film festivals. Frequently cooperates with film festivals and cultural foundations in Taiwan. She was the programmer for Taipei Film Festival (2017-2019), program director for Taoyuan Film Festival (2018, TW) and Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) under Taiwan Film Institute as press coordinator (2014-2016). She currently works as selection committee for Taipei Film Festival

She also works as a freelance film writer and chief editor for Taiwan Documentary E-Paper. Her writings range from interviews, film reviews, to essays on films, filmmakers, and the cinema culture with a focus on Taiwan and Southeast Asia. She is the co-founder of Hide & Seek Audiovisual Art. She is developing a research project concerning film museum / archive in Europe and Taiwan. 

長期從事影像推廣評論策展工作。國立臺灣大學人類學研究所碩士,論文探討泰國非政府組織與社會文化之間的關係,持續關注當代東南亞電影與視覺藝術發展,相關評論、採訪文章散見各藝文媒體,亦為《紀工報》執行主編。任職台北電影節節目團隊,曾任 2018 桃園電影節節目統籌、國家電影中心台灣國際紀錄片影展(TIDF),並參與富邦文教基金會電影學校影像教育等工作。現旅居阿姆斯特丹,展開影像保存與推廣機構與文化政策研究調查計畫,為「害喜影音綜藝」創始成員之一。



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